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1.4.2 Related terms. 2.2.1 Derived terms. 2.3 Further reading. The Mona Lisa, a portrait. Alternative forms edit. From Middle French portraict, pourtraict, nominal use of the past participle of portraire portray, from Latin prōtrahō. Received Pronunciation IPA key: ˈpɔːtɹɪt, rare IPA key: ˈpɔːtɹeɪt. General American IPA key: ˈpɔɹtɹət, rare IPA key: ˈpɔɹtɹeɪt. rhotic, without the horse - hoarse merger IPA key: ˈpoʊɹtɹət, rare IPA key: ˈpoʊɹtɹeɪt. non-rhotic, without the horse - hoarse merger IPA key: ˈpoətɹɪt, rare IPA key: ˈpoətɹeɪt. portrait countable and uncountable, plural portraits.
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An example is Hilary Mantel 's' Wolf Hall 2009 which, while acknowledging the work of the historian Mary Robertson for background information, imagines an intimate portrait of Thomas Cromwell and his intense relationship with Henry VIII at a critical time in English history.
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Portrait of a girl in costume in the natural environment of a gothic festival. Portrait photography, or portraiture, is a type of photography aimed toward capturing the personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. 1 A portrait photograph may be artistic or clinical. 1 Frequently, portraits are commissioned for special occasions, such as weddings, school events, or commercial purposes.
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21 In his times, Pliny complained of the declining state of Roman portrait art, The" painting of portraits which used to transmit through the ages the accurate likenesses of people, has entirely gone out Indolence has destroyed the arts" 22 23 These full-face portraits from Roman Egypt are fortunate exceptions.
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Definition of portrait Entry 2 of 2.: of, relating to, or being a rectangular document having the vertical dimension longer than the horizontal dimension switching from landscape to portrait mode - compare landscape sense 3. Synonyms More Example Sentences Phrases Containing portrait Learn More About portrait.

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